Meet our Networks Department

What we do?

We manage and protect all the networking innovations created by LoveWorld Next. 
Currently the Data and Networks Department has launched 3 applications; SoundCode and MEX Tv.



A communication platform created to provide high quality communication services to ensure user satisfaction.
This platform currently has the following features: • Chat (for individuals and networks) • Calls (Video and audio) • Status Updates


Media Excellence Tv

A platform created to generate high quality Christian, educational, inspirational programs from universities in Ghana, then world at large. MEX Radio and Blog are operational, and MEX Tv comes online by June.


The LoveWorld Next Data Management and Networks department brings productive and innovative Networkers together. Our direct access to a wide network of technical talent, founders, investors and hard-to-reach customer segments offers our Networkers an unmatched view into the realities of developing their innovations.